Our Goals

To Preserve History of Chinese Games & Gamers

"Homo Ludens" Archive is the first, and currently the only game archive in China .

"We believe that games are the heritage of digital cultures of the present era, so we are committed to being the seed bank of Chinese games. Recording for the past, creating for the present, and preserving for the future." Sorting, preserving and researching them is not only help to generate social value of the game, but also enable games of cultural significance to provide reference for game development and the industry.

Collect and distribute domestic games.Protect possessed and accessible resources as much as possible.
Game Intellectuals
To enable current and potential practitioners in game industry with dreams and philanthropic pursuits to find their own social value through activities with public welfare care.
To initiate various discussions and activities on the spectrum of positive social impact of games, arouse public awareness about the positive value of games and encourage the participation of practice on the positive value of games .
Game Ethnography: Chinese Game Creator Interviews
To collect and compile the records of Chinese gamers to write down the dynamic history of "people".
What we've been doing?
What we've been doing?